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Sweet Water Resort


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Sweet Water Resort is a place of beauty and elegance. Vacation destination away from home. Far from the hustle and bustle of city life, for people who want to unwind. Contact Us. Spend relaxing quality time with your family and friends. Sweet Water Resort is where you experience the comfort and peaceful tranquility comes naturally here. Enjoy our pool water oasis. Swim any time of the day. Enjoy our child-friendly multi-depth pool. It varies in depth from 1 foot to 6 feet. Please take caution when with children that do not know how to swim. There is no lifeguard on duty. Breath in and take in the splendor of being in the countryside. Its brilliance is beyond compare. Serenity is our wealth and pride as our guests bathe with our beautiful landscape. Experience our spacious rooms accommodation. Book Now!


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Sweet Water Resort pride our self on being a very affordable and friendly resort. Primary class luxury accommodation. Just 45 minutes from hustle and bustle of Dumaguete City. Zamboanguita Negros Oriental experience our laid back atmosphere. The reason why so many have decided to make this place their home. Thrive with our landscape Which will make your stay with us all the more worthwhile.


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Founded by a local businesswoman and entrepreneur Julie Dataro Devera. Began its operations on October 28, 2017. Which staged the full-size swimming pool. The concept of bringing everyone the perfect vacation destination for the whole family. A year after they opened their doors to the public the two-story villa. On October 28, 2019, a new fully furnished seven rooms building was opened. Each room offers a generous two king-size bed. A fully-equipped restroom and Kitchen for guests wanting to stay for the longterm. The two-story villa offers a balcony with a stunning view of our pool and other facilities. Relax and have an afternoon cup of our native coffee Zamboanguita is famous for. Locally grown coffee bean. Traditionally prepared for your heart’s content. Pamper your family with all our fantastic facilities Designed for your convenience.


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An escape away from home. take a dive in our pool and bathe in the sun as you enjoy our Majestic ambiance. Sweet Water Resort is the place to be outside Dumaguete city for a slice of paradise. An ideal destination for city dwellers to shake off all the stress of living in the city. Don’t take my word for it. Visit us your self and Contact us for reservations.