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This is what you get when you book with Sweet Water Resort. Swim with the turtles in Apo Island. Experience it for your self and tell us all about it because we would love to hear your story. We believe that no two persons have the same experience even if they were together the whole time. come and make your mark with memories.

Explore the Apo island sanctuary. one of the few places in the world that have achieved an eco tipping point. Taking the destruction of dynamite fishing and other damaging fishing methods to what it is today. Apo Island does not only sustain local islanders but also the neighboring towns with just it’s marine life.

Trek to our lighthouse and view deck for those who want to experience more of what Apo Island has to offer. Our lighthouse saves ships and our reef alike from any nautical disasters. Apo Island is rain feed but see how it is flourishing. Go and explore out of your path and create memories for a lifetime. 

What are you waiting for book now and enjoy the comforts of sweet water resort and all we have to offer. Your lifetime memories is only a click away so come to our resort and experience the our very own slice of tropical paradise. We only live once so live life to the fullest at Sweet water resort and visit Negros Orientals tourist destinations while staying with us. Don’t forget to tell us all about your trips taken while in Sweet Water Resort. Our resort will help make your dream a reality. The time is now and enjoy your stay with us in our comfortable spacious accommodations. After a day of fun under our tropical sun relax and have a dip in our pool and lay in our airconditioned rooms or if you fancy sing we also have a karaoke room so you can sing to your hearts content. I would love to cater to your needs our staff would are already waiting to pamper you upon arrival. See you when you get here.