History of Our Humble Beginnings!


aerial Photo history of Sweet Water Resort


Sweet Water Resort opened on October 28, 2017. On the same day, we Blessed our pool, cottages, KTV rooms, multi-purpose dining area, billiard table, and our Double Queen Budget-friendly guest rooms. The rest was history.

Second-year history of operation!

Blessing of our two-story building. Held on October 28, 20018. With a stunning view of the Pool and the whole establishment. We aim to create a tropical paradise to give our guests more reasons to come back and take it all in.

3rd year of operation

On October 28, 2019, we blessed our new building with 4 double queen rooms and 3 long-term stay rooms furnished with a mini living room, kitchen and sink, restroom, and patio.

We take pride!

Sweet Water resort would like to welcome you all to visit us in Zamboanguita. Iconic for the Tabios black bean which can be in every home on special occasions. Just like the blessing of our new 7 room building.

Photo of Tabios black beans History of Zamboanguita


Beauty and prestige. Our guests love the cozy feel of this resort and how it feels like a tropical paradise or your own private estate. This is what our guests love and cherish every time they come here. They say it is as if time stood still and froze for just a moment.