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Photo from apo island view deck

Apo Island viewing deck such great scenery. I always feel calm and at peace looking at this picture. Take a minute to wallow in the beauty of our tropical island. Thoughts that come to mind are serenity in a warm embrace.

Photo of malatapay signage

Malatapay flea market and Warf. Your gateway to Apo island and swimming with the sea turtles. Our eco tipping point which only a handful of countries in the world have managed to accomplish. Protection is the key to sustainable marine and education with local support.

Photo of nipa hut in apo island
Photo Credit: Emilie Guyard (

Nipa hut located on the hilltop on Apo Island.

Photo of 3rd anniversary

3rd year anniversary of Sweet Water Resort and theme park. A day of celebration as all guest enjoys a special meal with Personel from the bank and website developers. Their wonderful staff is catering to all the guests and food for all. Some guests did not know of such an occasion and brought their own lunch but choose to eat as a whole group on this special occasion.