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Places you definitely don't want to miss to visit while in Sweet Water Resort!!!

While staying in Sweet Water Resort discover beautiful destination in Zamboanguita and neighboring areas.  Visit different beautiful places that are worth visiting. To help you out planning your tour in neighboring areas, here is a list of the top spots near Sweet Water Resort.

Apo Island

Apo Island is located off the southeastern tip of Negros Island, 7 kilometers from the town of Zamboanguita, and 25 kilometers south of the Negros Oriental capital Dumaguete. Extending approximately 1.5 km (0.9 mi) from north to south and 1 km (0.6 mi) from east to west, the island has a land area of approximately 74 hectares and rises to a height of 120 meters (390 feet) above sea level at its highest point.

At present, the island is home to over 650 documented species of fish and estimated to have over 400 species of corals. Most of the Philippines' 450 species of coral can be found here, from tiny bubble corals to huge gorgonian sea fans and brain corals. Visitors and tourists pay a fee to enter Apo Island and to snorkel or dive in the marine sanctuary there. These fees are used to keep the sanctuary clean and in good condition.

In 2003, Chicago's Shedd Aquarium opened a Wild Reef exhibit based on Apo Island's surrounding reef and marine sanctuary. In 2008, Sport Diver Magazine listed Apo Island as one of the top 100 diving spots in the world.[

The easiest route to Apo Island is taking a less than 10-minutes tricycle ride from Sweet Water Resort to the Malatapay Market in Zamboanguita, which by the way, is popular for its delicious servings of fish tinola.

After getting off the market, it's a 30-minute motor boat ride to paradise.

You may coordinate the Staff or CONTACT US for your assistance.

Malatapay Market

Wednesdays at Malatapay Market are always abuzz with activity. It is a place where livestock growers, local farmers and fishermen converge to sell their fresh produce. It is a whole day fair for the townspeople, shoppers and visitors. Folks from the neighboring towns also take part in the tabo, a local term which means market day.

People go there not only to buy or browse around the market but also to enjoy the open air seaside restaurant that is popular for its fresh seafood dishes. There is always a feast of lechon baboy or roast pig that you can buy by the kilo coupled with the strange but delectable puso or steamed rice wrapped tightly in coconut leaves. Cold beer and soft drinks are also on hand.  It is just a simple pleasure to be able to dine by the beach with sumptuous spread of Filipino delicacies before you. Here you can sample crabs, shellfish soup, tinola (fish soup), grilled squid or prawns, and seaweed salad. Of course the fruits especially the luscious ripe mangoes are a big hit too. It is best to bring your own plates, glasses and other utensils when planning to dine there because there is always a shortage of these items due to the great number of people coming in. You would not want to use hastily washed dishes.

Located just off the National Highway, it’s about a 10‑minute ride from Sweet Water Resort. The Market begins at the National Highway and runs down a side road all the way to the sea.

How to get to Malatapay Market? Simply inquire our staff or CONTACT US for your assistance.

Kite Surfing, Waterfalls, Nature Trekking

While in Sweet Water Resort you can also experience Kite surfing, waterfalls, and nature trekking in Zamboanguita. There are a lot of local tour operators in ton we can coordinate just for you. For more information CONTACT US. We are happy to serve you.